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Electric Heater GEMP-9-60 (electric blanket 1750х1450 mm)

The blankets are popular all over the world, especially among holiday-makers. In order not to spend money for firewood and electric radiators, they use electric blankets which consume much less energy. The electric blankets are easy-to-use. Connect the cord to the socket 20 minutes before going to bed and select number “2” on the four-way switch – full power condition. In 20-30 minutes, when the bed warms up, put the switch to the regime “1”. To switch the heater off, move and set the switch to the position “0”. A blanket includes a carbon fiber which as opposed to other metal components prevents a blanket from deformation, makes it possible to put bedclothes on it and to subject it to dry cleaning.

An electric heater is designed for medical treatment in domestic conditions, indispensable for heating of poorly and non-heated summer cottages, in garden plots, and in city flats when the heating is cut.

Perfect production engineering consisting in application of an in-built heat regulation system provides a constant product reheat temperature and excludes a possibility of overheating.

Operating modes:

  • working heating
  • rapid warming-up

The heat time of the thermal element surface to the working temperature in the second mode is 15-20 minutes maximum.

The appearance of the heater meets the requirements of aesthetics. Only natural materials are used for making-up of heaters.

  • Electric heater 9-60, 1750x1450 mm
  • Maximal power, W – 100
  • Number of temperature regimes: 3
  • Working temperature of the thermal element surface heating - 60°С maximum
  • Light indicator
  • AC mains-powered, 220 V
  • Electric shock protection class, 0 class
589200 rub