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Electric Heater GEMP-8-60 (electric mattresse 1500х700 mm)

We often face the problem of heating in cottages, country houses. It goes without saying that it adversely affects your sleep. “Brest Radio Technical Plant” also offers electric mattresses with convenient designs for additional warmth and comfort. To avoid slipping down, a mattress is equipped with a cord to fasten it to the bed.

Mattresses are manufactured in two variants: single (size 1500*1400 mm) and double mattresses consisting of two single ones. A separate cord is attached to each mattress, which is economically right enough, because it is not always necessary to connect both halves.

An electric heater is designed for medical treatment in domestic conditions, indispensable for heating of poorly and non-heated summer cottages, in garden plots, and in city flats when the heating is cut.

Perfect production engineering consisting in application of an in-built heat regulation system provides a constant product reheat temperature and excludes a possibility of overheating.

Operating modes:

  • working heating
  • rapid warming-up

The heat time of the thermal element surface to the working temperature in the second mode is 15-20 minutes maximum.

The appearance of the heater meets the requirements of aesthetics. Only natural materials are used for making-up of heaters.

  • Electric heater 8-60, 1500x700 mm
  • Maximal power, W – 100
  • Number of temperature regimes: 3
  • Working temperature of the thermal element surface heating - 60°С maximum
  • Light indicator
  • AC mains-powered, 220 V
  • Electric shock protection class, 0 class
382200 rub