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Car Heater GEA-1-40

Heater is designed to heat the seat of a car. Allows you to feel comfortable on the road and  in parking lots, helps to warm the winter cold car.

Perfect production engineering consisting in application of an in-built heat regulation system provides a constant product reheat temperature and excludes a possibility of overheating.

The heat time of the thermal element surface to the working temperature is 15-20 minutes maximum.

The appearance of the heater meets the requirements of aesthetics. Only natural materials are used for making-up of heaters.

  • Car Heater 1-40, 400x400 mm
  • Maximal power, W – 40
  • Working temperature of the thermal element surface heating - 45°С maximum
  • Light indicator
  • 12V battery power.
  • Loss of battery power with the engine off  in 8 hours of continuous use is not more than 10-12%.
159600 rub